1. 23:27 21st Jul 2013

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    Back in the saddle

    Today was the first time in quite a while that I’ve ridden my bike any considerable distance for the purpose of doing something. Since I hurt my hands, I haven’t really ridden that much at all. I occasionally rode to work but it wasn’t all that often and it’s really not that far to do so. Today I rode my cargo bike to the grocery store. It’s a couple of miles away and it was tough. I feel like I’m back at day one a few years ago and I’m starting from scratch all over again. It’s sad, but I’d rather be at square one that not playing the game.

    The ride was hard and I know it would have been easier for me to drive, but I knew as I rode that being on the bike is where I need to be and where I belong. I just feel more free and connected to everything. The confines of the car are great. I have A/C, radio, CD, MP3’s, and all the other luxuries that come with a car, but I don’t miss it while I’m on my bike.

    I’m glad I’m back at it and I hope the journey to get where I used to be on the bike is easier than it was last time. If it isn’t, fuck it, I’ll do it anyway.

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