1. 20:26 5th Jun 2013

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    The safety of luxury?

    I haven’t been able to ride much lately. I’m currently on a 1.5 month ban from the bike. It’s a medical thing. Apparently riding your bike too much can be bad for you. I’ve been relegated to the car for my trips and it sucks.

    I have made an interesting observation about luxury cars here in the RGV. They seem to give people a false sense of security when they are behind the wheel. Not only do they somehow think they are safer in the car, because they seem to be pretty reckless while driving, but they also seem to think they are safe from the law. In the span of 15 seconds yesterday at a stop light by UTPA, I saw an Infiniti SUV run a red light and a BMW sedan almost hit a pedestrian who had the right of way to cross the street. It was nuts.

    The Infiniti SUV was stopped at the red light but inched further and further past the white lines until they just ran the light while cars were crossing. I don’t know if they had an emergency, but is it justifiable to cause harm to someone else just because you have an emergency? I don’t think it is.

    The BMW sedan was making a right and cut between two pedestrians at a crosswalk. The pedestrians had the crosswalk signal to cross but the BMW didn’t have 2 seconds to spare. The driver cut between the two and sped away as fast as they could.

    These are the only things I’ve seen, but they are the incidents that are fresh on my mind. I’ve seen plenty of reckless driving though. I venture over to McAllen quite often in the mornings now to go to the doctor and I see plenty of luxury car drivers weaving in and out of traffic while speeding. They end up at the same red lights I do. I don’t know if they feel safer in the car they are driving since it has all the latest safety features, or if tragedy befalls luxury car drivers more than non-luxury car drivers and the luxury car drivers just have to drive faster to get to the tragedy.

    It would be funny if they really do feel safer because of their enhanced safety features. I guess maybe funny isn’t the right word. It would be sad, but not for them, but rather us. The safety features in their car were designed to make the drivers of luxury cars safe from bad drivers who cause accidents, but they are the bad drivers. They are protecting themselves from themselves while leaving us exposed. I guess it’s probably OK though. We probably don’t matter enough to exist. If we did, we’d have a nice car.

    Does their car’s worth put them in a class of citizen that makes them immune to the laws all drivers must adhere to? Do speed limits not apply to them? Does their socioeconomic status put them in a class of citizens with connections that are able to expunge such offenses anyway? I’m not sure. I’m not an RGV 1%’er.

    I’m not saying that everyone who owns one of these nice cars drives like an asshole, but I’m noticing that when I see someone driving like an asshole, 80% of the time it’s a really nice car. It could just be that where I’m driving lately just so happens to be in an area where everyone has done very well for themselves and can afford such things. If that is the case though, someone should notify my neighbors. I had a Mercedes whip around a corner here in my neighborhood the other day at 40mph and almost hit me. I guess my neighborhood is gentrified now. Time to buy a Lexus.

    I guess after all this venting or bitching or whatever you want to call it, all I want to say is, can’t we just drive a little slower and safer? What’s a few minutes of delay? It could mean the difference between someone being alive and dead.