1. 15:42 13th Feb 2013

    Notes: 3

    Dorking out my bike

    I think it’s fitting that my gigantic bike has an excessive amount of accessories on it. I have a nice and bright Lumina 650 light, a Go Pro Hero 2, a bell, and now an air horn on my handle bars. I also have a rear light, but I need two just to balance it out and make it feng shui.

    I need the Go Pro because people can drive like idiots, and it’s also the only way you can probably get a citation issued to a driver. Video evidence FTW.

    I got an air horn because the bell that came with the Big Dummy just isn’t loud enough. It also isn’t burly enough looking for this bike. I needed something a little louder, so now I’m rolling around with 110 decibels worth of air horn.

    I’m sure I’ll add more dorky things to the bike. I just have so much room to do so.