1. 16:13 8th Feb 2013

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    I said I would start posting and I really should.

    I’m using my Big Dummy to take a bunch of Girl Scout cookies home today. I’m probably doing this biking thing wrong…or maybe not. Who cares. 

    Riding the 47.2 lbs beast is a blast. It’s smooth as hell and it’s definitely an attention grabber. OK, maybe not for everyone. Somehow I didn’t manage to get some ladies attention despite being on this huge bike, having a bright as hell blinking light, and wearing a bright orange shirt. She backed in to me at an intersection. Thanks to my quick reaction and instant rage switch, I beat the shit out of her trunk. She got out and yelled at me in Spanish….blah blah blah I may have said something inappropriate but whatever, I was pissed.

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