1. Looks like my AirZound works. I think next time I’ll really lay in to the horn.

  2. 17:39 15th Feb 2013

    Notes: 1

    Flower Delivery

    Deby asked me to drive over to work so that I could pick up her flowers that I sent her for Valentine’s Day. I couldn’t believe the request. How dare she ask me to drive to pick up something so light. I rode over on the Big Dummy and placed them right in the side bag. I got them home without incident and intact.

    I guess I always have a backup career of delivering flowers by bike if my current job were to ever end.

  3. 15:42 13th Feb 2013

    Notes: 3

    Dorking out my bike

    I think it’s fitting that my gigantic bike has an excessive amount of accessories on it. I have a nice and bright Lumina 650 light, a Go Pro Hero 2, a bell, and now an air horn on my handle bars. I also have a rear light, but I need two just to balance it out and make it feng shui.

    I need the Go Pro because people can drive like idiots, and it’s also the only way you can probably get a citation issued to a driver. Video evidence FTW.

    I got an air horn because the bell that came with the Big Dummy just isn’t loud enough. It also isn’t burly enough looking for this bike. I needed something a little louder, so now I’m rolling around with 110 decibels worth of air horn.

    I’m sure I’ll add more dorky things to the bike. I just have so much room to do so.

  4. 16:13 8th Feb 2013

    Notes: 2

    I said I would start posting and I really should.

    I’m using my Big Dummy to take a bunch of Girl Scout cookies home today. I’m probably doing this biking thing wrong…or maybe not. Who cares. 

    Riding the 47.2 lbs beast is a blast. It’s smooth as hell and it’s definitely an attention grabber. OK, maybe not for everyone. Somehow I didn’t manage to get some ladies attention despite being on this huge bike, having a bright as hell blinking light, and wearing a bright orange shirt. She backed in to me at an intersection. Thanks to my quick reaction and instant rage switch, I beat the shit out of her trunk. She got out and yelled at me in Spanish….blah blah blah I may have said something inappropriate but whatever, I was pissed.

  5. 09:11 30th Jan 2013

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    Time to get this started again

    The cargo bike is on it’s way. It’s time to start this car free thing again.

  6. 22:33 22nd Aug 2011

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    Neville Rooney Longbottom

    Dear little Neville has been my companion through this. He has been doing his best to keep me happy at home. So it only makes sense if I was to venture out he would accompany me. Not far of course just somewhere safe and fun. Maybe we will expand our small adventures of Deby and Neville. Right now we watch birds and nap but maybe tomorrow we can go for a short walk around the block then do some birdwatching and napping.


  7. Survivor

    As hard as it was to get out, I needed it out. I realize I have a huge fear of failure but I am not going to let myself or anyone or anything keep me down. Setting goals and dreaming big, I’m a survivor.


  8. 22:44 20th Aug 2011

    Notes: 1

    Trying to be Optimistic When your hit by a car

    I know it has been a while since the last post. A few days after the last post I was hit head-on by a car who failed to yield right of way.

    Today is 31 days since I was hit, the recovery has been a long process both physically and emotionally.

    I still can’t ride, and each day that passes it has been harder to cope with. It is harder each day to keep the optimism alive and going. At first I was doing it for other people’s sake or at least I kept telling myself. I recently understood I really had to say it out loud for my own benefit.

    I thought that after a week I would be up and moving around with no problems. It hasn’t been the case each day well hour that passes I feel as I am being pulled further into a deep abyss. I kept reading everyone’s posts on riding and thought yup by the end of the week I will be ready. That end of week has yet to arrive. I really only want to take pleasure in other people’s rides but there is this darkness and envy that goes on within me when I read these posts. The notion that they get to have so much joy out of life while I stay in bed recovering has been really difficult to deal with. Especially when I see any complaints, really what do you have to complain about there are so many other people dealing with much tougher situations, one being me.

    I thought recovery was going to be easy. I was going to read through all my unread books. Well not the case, since there was so much back damage, relaxing didn’t include sitting or propping myself up. It means laying flat in bed at least 16 hours a day the more the better. Yup just lying in bed, it is hard to sleep that many hours every day but I try especially if I want to be taken out of my prison to see people and work on the things that are keeping me well sane and happy.

    I have a mission of safety for everyone, so when I get out I try to make the most of my time. There are a lot of things to be done and I plan on getting everything done.

    I know it’s been really tough and I still have a long road ahead but I have something to be positive about when it comes to cycling which is my advocism and I won’t stop till what needs to be done is done even if I can’t ride for another 31 days or 31 years.


  9. Still here…

    We’re still here and we’re still riding. We don’t get to ride as far anymore, but we’re still trying to be car free.

  10. New commute…

    Today was our first day riding the new shorter commute. It was a whole new ride today. We usually haul a change of clothes with us, but today we were able to cycle in our work clothes. It’s just like riding in the fall and spring, but with 100 degree weather. It’s absolutely great being in the middle of town now, as opposed as the outskirts. It isn’t a 20 minute ride to get anywhere we frequent anymore. 5 minutes to work, 5 minutes to the bank, 5 minutes to the grocery store, we now live in a livable part of town.

  11. Kind of a sad day…

    We didn’t get to ride today, errands over in another town that had to be done during lunch. It’s also the last day of work for us, we’re off for the next two days, packing up and moving. It means that we didn’t get to ride our commute for the last time before the moving day. For me, it’s kind of sad. It wasn’t that far, but it wasn’t too close either. It was a good ride every day and it allowed me to put some miles in. Our new commute to work will be about half a mile at the most.

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    Taking my bike to a meeting.

    Taking my bike to a meeting.

  13. Full morning…

    After a full morning out, we got accomplished what needed to be done. We were able to do nearly all our errands by bike. We priced boxes for our move, but we were unable to bring them home. Unfortunately, I’ll have to drive this afternoon to pick them up, but on the bright side, the person I’m buying them from is a cyclist.

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    Stopping at Time Warner for some service.

    Stopping at Time Warner for some service.

  15. The adventure continues…

    We’re fueled up and ready to head out to our next destination. Time for a haircut.